Success Story #4

Mr. Jim Doe has been in the United States for over 12 years and his family contacted our office when Mr. Doe was taken into ICE custody and incarcerated because of the outstanding final order of removal from 2003, of which Mr. Doe had no knowledge. Mr. Doe was under the impression that his case was still pending on appeal and was quite shocked to find out that his removal was imminent and no hearings were forthcoming. He was also not eligible for release from custody, because his removal order was final. Mr. Doe is married to a U.S. citizen and has 2 U.S. citizen children, one of whom has a very serious incurable medical condition. These factors alone however, could not help him get out of jail or get valid status. Attorney Linetsky’s office prepared and filed in a very short order an urgent request for a Stay of Removal presenting all of the humanitarian and sympathetic factors to the District Director. Mr. Doe’s application for a Stay of Removal was granted in less than a week and he was released from ICE custody that same evening.