Becoming A Naturalized Citizen

At Tanya M. Linetsky & Associates LLC, we provide personalized attention and dedicated representation for immigrants seeking U.S. citizenship. For many immigrants, becoming a United States citizen has been a lifelong dream. We help clients achieve citizenship through the naturalization process. Serving clients nationwide from our Ohio office, our immigration law firm delivers individualized attention and experienced, resourceful representation.

How Our Experience Can Help You Reach Your Goals

If you want to become a United States citizen, it is important to have an experienced attorney helping you. We guide our clients throughout the process and answer their questions. The requirements for naturalization are different depending on an immigrant’s status, but the process includes completing an application, getting fingerprinted, an interview and taking an oath.

We work with our clients, helping them complete and submit the application for naturalization, and prepare for the interview. We help our clients get the information they need to prepare through booklets and classes. Our clients perform mock interviews with us so they feel confident. We also accompany them to the interview.

Derivative citizenship: We help individuals become Unites States citizens. When parents naturalize, the minor children become citizens automatically through the derivative citizenship provisions. However, limitations apply, that is why it is imperative to seek professional legal help.

Criminal issues: It is critical to have an experienced immigration lawyer helping you through the naturalization process. Sometimes, people apply for naturalization but because they have criminal issues, they are placed in deportation proceedings. If you are seeking naturalization, we will help you determine if you have any issues, which would prevent you from receiving citizenship and could get you deported.

If you have a previous criminal conviction, we will work with you to resolve that before you apply for naturalization. Attorney Tanya Linetsky works with criminal defense attorneys to reopen your prior conviction. It is only after criminal issues are resolved that you should apply for naturalization.

Contact An Experienced Attorney

At Tanya M. Linetsky & Associates LLC, we strive to help our clients through the naturalization process. We are accessible to our clients, and we will return your calls within 24 hours.

Our immigration law firm is devoted to assisting clients with immigration needs nationwide. Contact us online, or call us at 216-291-5200 or toll free at 866-606-3811 to schedule a consultation with an experienced Cleveland naturalization attorney.