Employment-Based Immigration

You may be an immigrant or would-be immigrant looking for work authorization. Or you may be an employer who seeks to bring qualified workers to the U.S.

At Tanya M. Linetsky & Associates LLC, we can help you in either of those situations. We provide knowledgeable and effective legal counsel to employers and employees seeking employment visas.

Based in Cleveland, we serve clients nationwide. Give us a call to arrange a confidential consultation with an attorney about your specific situation.

What Type Of Work Authorization Do You Need?

Many foreign nationals come to the United States for employment. We can explain which employment visas are available and which would be best for your circumstances.

The options may include:

  • H-1B visas — for engineers and others in specialized occupations
  • L-1 visas – for managers, executives and those with specialized knowledge
  • Temporary work authorization (nonimmigrant classification)
  • R-1 visas (for temporary religious workers)
  • Green cards — more formerly known as permanent resident status

If you are an employer, we can work with you as well as permanent labor certifications (PERM).

There are many complicated details involved in seeking and obtaining proper visas and work permits. Our law firm can guide you effectively, tailoring our service to your particular needs.

Taking Action

We invite you to reach out to us today to discuss your unique employment or business immigration challenges with an experienced lawyer. Call 216-291-5200, or complete the online form.